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Meet Savanna and Dalissa, the dynamic sister duo behind the magic of children's entertainment! With over a decade of experience and a string of glowing 5-star reviews, these two talented artists have been lighting up parties and events with their unique blend of creativity and fun.

For years, Savanna and Dalissa have been the life of the party, painting smiles on faces and creating unforgettable memories for kids and adults alike. Their passion for art and knack for entertainment have made them the go-to team for any celebration.

But now, there's an exciting twist to their story! Dalissa has recently relocated to sunny Arizona, where she and her husband are stationed for military orders. She's excited to take their business to new heights. With her infectious energy and Savanna's unwavering support from their home base, they're expanding their services to spread joy even further!

From face painting to balloon twisting and beyond, Savanna and Dalissa are on a mission to make every event an absolute blast. Whether it's a birthday bash, corporate event, or community gathering, this dynamic duo is ready to bring the fun and excitement wherever they go. Get ready to experience the magic of Savanna and Dalissa – now in Arizona and beyond!

  • How do I choose the best service for my party?
    This is the most asked question! Here are a few tips to help you decide... Airbrush Tattoos are the Fastest Body Art, Water/Sweat Resistant & Most Hygienic. Which means they are great for bigger parties, pool/water activities, and they won't run in the kids' eyes once they go in the jumper! Glitter Tattoos are waterproof and will stay on up to 7 days, perfect for pool or water activities (and surprisingly super popular with boys and adults, too!) I can make custom stencils to fit your theme, but my standard menu has all of the most popular designs I've done in the past 14 years Face Painting is a party classic! I can transform guests into any character or animal of their choosing. I paint about 10 full-faces per hour. If you're having a large event, you'll want "speed painting" designs that are smaller and super fast.
  • How many hours should I book you for?
    This will depend on how many guests you're expecting and what service & style you choose. Here's how many we can paint per hour: Face Painting: -Small, quick designs: about 12-15 designs per hour -Full-face, theme park quality: about 8-10 per hour Airbrush Painting (most kids will want to get 2 tattoos each): -Arm tattoos are fastest: about 25 per hour -Face designs or more elaborate designs: about 12-15 per hour Glitter Tattoos: -Quick designs: about 12-15 per hour -More detailed with accents: about 10 per hour Pro-tip: Plan for at least 5 adults who will want to get painted or tattoos and add them to your guest count 😁 (I always make sure kids get painted first before adults)
  • What time should I book the entertainment to start?
    I always recommend to have the entertainment start 1 hour after your party is supposed to start because guests are always late! This helps make sure everyone can be there to get their face painted. Pro tip: plan to do cake or piñata as soon as face painting is done for the smoothest transition.
  • Do you require a deposit and how do I pay?
    A $100 booking fee is required to hold the date and time of your artist which is non-refundable. Payments can be made via Venmo or Zelle. Remaining balance can be paid via cash on day of event.
  • Are you certified and insured?
    Yes! Myself and any artists that work with me carry individual insurance policies. We can also provide additionally insured certificates upon request if required for your venue.
  • What if more guests show up than I originally expected?
    No problem! If I have no other obligations after, you can choose to add more time to your booking on the day of the party-- or we can switch to a speed painting menu so we can fit in as many as possible within the booked time.
  • What is the best way to remove face paint/tattoos/or hair art?
    Face paint is easily removed with wipes, or soap and water Airbrush body art is easily removed by first applying soap (before getting wet) to break up pigment, then rinsing off with water Glitter tattoos last up to 1 week or can be easily removed with rubbing alcohol Clip-in hair extensions are easily removed and can be reused Glitter Hair gel washes out with shampoo Hand-tied hair tinsel will fall out on its own in about 1 week Hair tape tinsel lasts about 3 weeks, or can be easily removed with rubbing alcohol Micro-bead hair tinsel lasts about 3 weeks, the bead can be easily removed with basic pliers ( I provide photo instructions at the event)
  • What do I need to provide/prepare for the artist?
    We bring our own professional setup with table and chair. We just ask that you provide us with a shaded area (not under a tree because bugs and debris), a flat surface, and an area away from the DJ (so we can hear the children's requests!) 😁 Pro tip: Reserve your artist a parking spot close to the venue so that she can setup quickly upon arrival. Multiple trips down the street to unload equipment or having to search for parking may cut into scheduled time. Please provide good lighting if it will get dark during the booked time
  • What if the weather changes?
    Sometimes Mother Nature is out of our control. Please have an alternate location setup in case of rain or extreme heat. If temperatures are expected to be over 80 degrees, the kids will be sticky/sweaty, the paints will get muddy, and the balloons will start popping 😅
  • If a child shows up to the party sick, can they still get painted?
    Unfortunately, we must take hygienic practices very seriously to protect other guests and ourself. If a child has a runny nose, cough, rash, coldsore or broken skin- we cannot paint them. This would contaminate our paints and infect other guests. We will kindly offer them a sticker instead. Pro tip: Airbrush Tattoos are most hygienic and have the least chance of transferring germs to one another
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