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Now offering Airbrushed Paint Tattoos

new service alert!

I am super excited to announce the new service I am offering! I have been doing traditional airbrush tattoos for over 13 years, but I am now offering a new and improved style, with an updated spin on the old classic.

Airbrush Tattoos are a fantastic alternative to face painting because they are:

  • water and sweat resistant (won't smudge!)

  • faster than face painting (more guests can be painted)

  • more hygienic that face painting (minimal contact)

  • long lasting-- stay all day, then easily remove with soapy water

  • customizable-- unique stencils can be created for your theme or logo

There's so many more reasons to love Airbrush Tattoos, and I can't wait to show you the new spin I am putting on them... they are not the old-school tattoos from the county fairs. These are show-stopping, color-popping and so much fun!

Try these out at your next event, and I promise they will not disappoint!



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